French and Spanish translations of Indicator Framework now available

1 December 2015

Indicator Framework IconThe HRE 2020 resource Human Rights Education Indicator Framework is now available in Spanish and French. The translations, along with the English version, are available for download here. Hard copies are also available upon request. Please email for more information.

HRE 2020 calls on states’ accountability for human rights education at the 30th session of the Human Rights Council

1 October 2015

Sneh Aurora at side event

On 25 September 2015, Sneh Aurora from Amnesty International represented HRE 2020 in the side event entitled “Human Rights Education and Training: Achievements and Perspectives”, organised in parallel with the Human Rights Council 30th Session. This panel discussion sponsored by Morocco, Costa Rica, Italy, Philippines, Senegal, Slovenia, Switzerland and Thailand (as members of the Platform for Human Rights Education and Training) brought together diplomats, as well as non-governmental and intergovernmental organisation representatives, to discuss the importance of human rights education particularly in the context of the post-2015 development agenda.

The overall purpose of the side event was to reiterate the importance of human rights education and to explore the synergies that can be developed among various actors in this field including with a...

NEW RESOURCE! HRE 2020 Launches Human Rights Education Indicator Framework

25 September 2015

Indicator Framework Cover

HRE 2020 proudly announces the release of its first publication, entitled Human Rights Education Indicator Framework: Key indicators to monitor and assess the implementation of human rights education and training.
This resource is intended to be an inspiration and guide for the review of human rights education. It provides a framework of indicators for civil society organizations, national human rights institutions and government bodies, as well as United Nations mechanisms to examine the presence and quality of human rights education policies and practices.

One-year anniversary of HRE 2020

28 April 2015

HRE 2020 marked it's one-year anniversary on 19 December 2014. During this first year, the coalition built vital foundations to engage effectively with policymakers in order to achieve our goal of strengthening accountability for the implementation of human rights education programmes.

“One of the most exciting aspects of our advocacy activities at the UN level has been the tremendous value added of the work in coalition with other civil society organisations to increase international visibility and achieve greater impact. The work we have done this year with HRE 2020 shows the power of a global coalition speaking with a unified voice for human rights education”...

HRE within the UPR process

30 November 2014

Human rights education is in the top ten most-raised issues within the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process, a peer-review of government's human rights records. Since the UPR was established in 2006, there have been over 1,400 recommendations to around 70 different countries on implementing human rights education and training. The most frequent recommendations include: awareness-raising campaigns on violence against women/children’s rights/discrimination; adoption of a national plan of action; training for law enforcement officials; human rights education in schools and teacher training.